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Kokkene på SALT restaurant bruger kun de bedste råvarer tilsat professionel kreativitet og dygtighed for at gøre hver enkel ret mindeværdig. Vi hjælper dig gerne med at sammensætte den helt rette menu ud fra dine præferencer – og med at finde de perfekte vine. SALT menuen koster 315 kr. per person for en 2-retters menu, en 3-retters menu koster 375 kr. per person og en 4-retters menu for 445 kr. per person.


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is made for great parties. Banquet rooms with character, unrivalled views and a kitchen that’s in a class of its own are the ingredients. You can mix them as you wish – perhaps adding a little extra spice by taking a trip along Copenhagen’s canals while enjoying a pre-dinner drink.
At our Copenhagen city hotel, there are rooms of almost every size to choose from. If you should need more space than one room can provide, several of our rooms can be connected so that the size is doubled or tripled.
Newly designed decor and fittings, massive pine beams and thick 18th century walls create rooms that provide an exceptional setting for banquets, parties and weddings in Copenhagen. Many guests have said that the rooms have a timeless elegance. Each combines two centuries of history with modern aesthetic appeal

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